the theater community is writing a book—together!


 "...then it all came crashing down, like it did for everybody in our business and in the world." 

New Press Coverage. 

Check out this beautiful piece written for the Asbury Park Press by Ilana Keller. Keller interviewed project creator Andrew Norlen about his year, his story, and what made him so passionate about creating this love letter to his community. 



Matthew Murphy!

Broadway Photographer!

Murphy joins WTLABA creator, Andrew Norlen as a collaborator. He will shoot a brand new photo series to accompany some of the letters. 

Writing on a Notebook




03. 31. 2021. 

You have until the 31st of March! Write from where you are and share your pandemic testimonial, and be a part of this forever book!



Following the Covid-19 outbreak, #WhenTheLightsAreBrightAgain is a creative response to the Broadway shutdown, a time that has deeply affected and displaced the theatre community worldwide.  

We may not be able to gather together—yet—but our hope and our passion have not burnt out.


 #WhenTheLightsAreBrightAgain  is an opportunity for theatre professionals everywhere to share their truth by submitting a "Letter-to-Self"/ pandemic testimonial to be part of a coffee table book, being released in the fall of 2021 on Amazon.


A book written

BY  the theatre community, 

FOR the theatre community

& immortalizing this unprecedented time into

a time capsule, a history book—forever.


We are excited to announce that Broadway photographer, Matthew Murphy has joined the project! He will be contributing a brand new photo series to accompany some of the letters. 

Above all else, 90% of the profits made from the sales of "When The Lights Are Bright Again" will directly benefit The Actors Fund, putting the money right back into our industry. 


This book will be dedicated in

loving memory of Nick Cordero.  






"The Actors Fund fosters stability and resiliency,
and provides a safety net for performing arts
and entertainment professionals over their lifespan."

#WhenTheLightsAreBrightAgain is thrilled to partner with this incredible organization! This historical book we are creating together will not only represent the resilience of the theatre community, but 90% of the profits made from the sales of this book will directly benefit The Actors Fund, using our voices of vulnerability to create a lasting piece of art that will tell our story forever, while putting money directly back into the industry, through our partnership with The Actors Fund. 

"Employment in any division of the performing arts and entertainment industry is unpredictable. Work is erratic, security is fleeting and health insurance is often just a dream. For all of these reasons and many more, The Actors Fund is an indispensable and deeply significant part of the entire entertainment community."

-The Actors Fund



This book of "Letters-to-Self" is an opportunity for us to grieve together for what we've lost,

but with intention and honesty toward our return,

the deep need our world has for art,

and our personal need to create it.


We hope you will join us in sharing your own truth—whether that be anger, sadness, joy, fear, excitement, hopelessness, grief, laughter, encouragement, goals, or trauma.


If you are pissed, be pissed.

If you have never been happier than you are right now, share that.

If you feel wildly uninspired and broken, rage it out.

Your honesty is your secret weapon!


When we are brave together,

we can finally diminish our fears and loneliness!







Submissions will close MARCH 31st, 2021! 


Take the time you desire to write the letter YOU want inside this forever book, and "When The Lights Are Bright Again..." we will be stronger than ever and we will be stronger because we did it together! 



Connect here with creator Andrew Norlen














Please use #WhenTheLightsAreBrightAgain

to help us get the word out about this project!

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